Bianca Moldovean

European Affairs Consultant, Romania. UNFCCC Bureau Vice President, 2019-2021 The thing that fascinated Bianca the most about the climate change negotiations as an undergraduate student in International Relations was the challenge of securing mutually beneficial outcomes out of a process where the balance of power was always skewed, and where the Parties, all in different stages of development, have different starting points and interests.  Following a brief detour to start up an event management company, she joined the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests in Romania as a climate change consultant, and soon found herself participating in the internal EU negotiations on climate change. She then left the Ministry and consulted for organizations like the World Bank and World Wildlife Fund for five years, assessing the effectiveness of development aid provided and received. “This was a different but very useful perspective, of how things actually function on the ground.” In… Read More »Bianca Moldovean

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