Stella Gama

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.”

Christina Voigt

Huddles are not women-friendly, especially if you’re not tall!” 

Annela Anger-Kraavi

Women don’t shy away from asking each other for advice.”

Sara Pavkov

“This Network will make us stronger and more empowered.”

Una May Gordon

Woman in charge“.

Lydia Wojtal

Negotiators are human too, and need to eat, sleep, and rest well to be effective.”

Bianca Moldovean

“Men usually provide advice on how to strategize to take the negotiations to the bitter end. Women provide advice on how to bring people together and build bridges.”

María del Pilar Bueno

“Women should build their own understanding of strength and power, instead of borrowing from the male perspective, of how to approach situations with more openness, dialogue, inclusion, clarity, and transparency.”